Oral Drops 500mg

Oral Drops 500mg

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Medella Sanare: A reputable and reliable producer of all-natural CBD oils which are amongst the finest produce in the world. With all our products, purity and safety is the focal point of our brand and business.

In favour of this, we only use the best naturally grown hemp for our raw material. Our CBD products do not contain any additives, synthetic chemicals, or harmful impurities.

We guarantee a line of safe-use by engaging in cautious and responsible practices from seed to bottle.

Oral Drops:

Our organic and premium broad spectrum oil drops are infused and curated with premium CBD extracts for an effective ingestion. Equipped with a fine-tip pipette for simple transportation of the liquid, simply place the drops under your tongue and hold for 60-120 seconds before swallowing for the best results. We recommend using our drops to aid in reducing inflammation, anxiety, chronic pain and sleeplessness.

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Our ambition is to help you discover the many benefits of CBD and superfoods. We have carefully selected the best products at the highest quality to ensure success with every purchase.

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